Deal Discovery: Julep & Swagbucks

I just ordered FOUR Julep nail polishes and a cuticle treatment for a measly $10. Here’s how:

1. Sign In/Up with Swag Bucks 2. Complete Style Quiz at Julep

3. Use Promo Code: SWAGBUCKS2FREE 

Disclamer: This offer was messaged to me on my Swag Bucks account. I’m not sure if each step with work for everyone, but I sure hope it does! The offer will expire by the end of this Saturday.

And, if none of this works— you can always get your first Julep Maven Box for free with this code: FREEBOX.


4 thoughts on “Deal Discovery: Julep & Swagbucks

  1. Hello! Have you gotten your swagbucks credited to your account yet? I did this offer this weekend and wondered how long it took to credit. 🙂 Thanks!

    • I’m so glad you were able to take advantage of this awesome deal. I am so excited to get my julep box! I don’t think it has credited yet…but usually with offers like this that wait until your product has been delivered. Sometimes when you do online shopping via swagbucks (like ulta, for example), it can take weeks. I’m fairly new to swagbucks, but I wish I had a more exact answer for you!

      • I submitted a help request 8 days after receiving my box and got them credited. 🙂 Thanks! I hope you have gotten yours, too.

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