Discovery: Six Dollar Spa Day

Hello! I am having a pretty wonderful day because I got to go into work a whole hour and a half late. Not only did I clean the kitchen and go to the gym — but I decided to treat myself to a mini at-home spa afternoon ❤

1. Finished up my No. 4 Clarifying Shampoo & Reconstructing Masque samples from Birchbox.


2. Used up the rest of my full size derma e Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub (that I got free with purchase a while back) from Birchbox on my body (too harsh for my face).

3. Chilled for 15 minutes in my boyfriend’s full length robe with this Ultra Soothing Fiber Mask on my face. Only $6 at Sephora (a great add on if you are trying to get free shipping!). I love that you don’t have to rinse off this mask — you just rub in the excess gel/serum.


❤  Check out Birchbox!  ❤


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