Nail Discovery & Review: Zoya Fast Drops & Julep Mighty Serum

I have recently discovered these to AMAZING nail products that have basically changed my life. I hope you love ’em, too!

Zoya Fast Drops – Yes, there are a lot of fast drying drops out there, but I can personally say that these are worth the 16 bones you will have to drop. Within a minute, I was able to type and pick up things, etc. Within five minutes, my nails were perfection (not only dry, but NO bubbles)! Also, this is a Cleveland brand, so I had to get it a whirl. I purchased this at Ulta, but it isn’t available on the website right now :/

Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum – I recently got this baby in my first Julep Maven Box and it is currently on sale for $20! This product is in a twist up pen form with a brush on the end (like stila’s lip glaze). Unlike every other cuticle oil I have ever owned, you can keep this product in your purse and not worry about it causing a complete mess. Ever better- this serum absorbs quickly into nails AND you instantly notice more nourished nails. Use promo FIRSTBOXFREE to try out Julep Maven Box!

And, for the record…both of these products get a sparkling ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤